Holley Day



Watch this video to make the 5th annual Holley Day the best ever!


Our IoH family has typically flooded Kendra Scott stores across the country to support Kendra's love for her friend. Due to Covid-19, we are asking our IoH family to shop and share photos on social media on October 13 featuring their Kendra Scott and IoH merch.

Please tag us: #KendraScott #HolleyDay #InheritanceOfHope

20% of in-store and online purchases on October 13 at Kendra Scott benefit Inheritance of Hope families!

 A loving mother, lifelong friend, and an inspiration to many.

Each October, Kendra Scott honors her dear friend, Holley Rothell Kitchen, and her mission to raise awareness and support for metastatic breast cancer. 20% of all Holley Day proceeds (in-store and online) will be used toward a life-changing Legacy Retreat® for Inheritance of Hope families facing terminal illness.

 Kendra Scott

You can also post Holley Day content on your social media (please tag IoH and Kendra Scott and/or use #KendraScott #HolleyDay #InheritanceOfHope).  Resources available for sharing your Holley Day story:

Who is Holley Rothell Kitchen?

Holley Rothell Kitchen’s 3 Things

Video: Kendra Scott and Inheritance of Hope

Video: Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreat® presented by Kendra Scott

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Holley Day 2019


Holley Day 2019


Holley Day 2019


Holley Day 2019


Holley Day 2019 

See the impact of Holley Day: MBC families (just a few!) impacted by Kendra Scott's generosity are available for download.

Thanks again for your willingness to share on Holley Day. We are grateful for you!