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Legacy Retreats®

Precious Smiles. Priceless Memories. All for young families facing the loss of a parent.
Inheritance of Hope’s signature offering is the Legacy Retreat®, an all-expenses-paid experience where families with children under 18 create lifelong memories while receiving the tools to navigate the challenges of a parent's terminal illness.

It’s more than a trip -- we bring families together from across the country, families who actually understand the challenges of your situation. We provide legacy development resources, volunteers who are eager to help with everything from childcare to carrying luggage, and hope -- all to help you thrive despite the uncertainty you face. You get time as a family as well as sessions designed for each member of your family -- diagnosed parent, caregiver, and children of all ages. Licensed counselors are also available throughout your Retreat.

To date, families from 44 states have experienced a life-changing Legacy Retreat®.
Space is filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so we encourage applying now.

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What's Next:

Due to circumstances surrounding coronavirus, the Orlando Legacy Retreat® scheduled on April 24-27 will be held virtually. Families from around the country will meet online to enjoy our legacy resources and make meaningful connections as part of the IoH Family. Families originally scheduled in April will be invited to Orlando in September to make lifelong family memories at Universal Studios and SeaWorld.
We are excited to announce Inheritance of Hope's next NYC Legacy Retreat®!  It will be November 21-24, 2020, for young families facing the loss of a parent.  Families from around the country will stay at the Grand Hyatt Hotel and experience the sights and sounds of New York as they enjoy this all-expenses-paid, 4-day event to create lifelong memories, build a community of support, and gain tools to manage the challenges of a parent's terminal illness.
Because space is limited, we encourage applying early.


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"Inheritance of Hope provides expert love and care for families battling a parent's life-threatening illness."
Dr. Gary Chapman
Author of The Five Love Languages
"IoH was life-changing for our family and has left us with memories and an impact that will certainly be lifelong."
Melinda, mother of 4
Kidney and Thyroid Cancer
"We were given the red carpet treatment… We feel indebted to IoH in a lasting, permanent way."
Tejan, Father of 3
"I am simply blown away that we had the privilege to attend the Legacy Retreat. It will forever be part of me and my girls."
Katarina, Mother of 2
Breast Cancer
"I will never be able to express our appreciation and gratitude to this organization for their kindness and compassion to our family."
Jim, Father of 1
"I could never thank IoH enough for what they have done for me and my family."
Melinda, Mother of 1
Colon Cancer
"Inheritance of Hope has given me a positive impact on my life since my mom has passed away. … I really appreciate the week that they gave me and my family because I would not give it back for the world."
Taylor, Age 17
"IoH has changed our lives!"
Dawn, Mother of 4
"There’s no price tag… it’s priceless. Families are making memories that will last a lifetime."
Jon, Father of 3
Germ Cell Tumor
"We can't even find the right words to express the amount of gratitude in my heart. We feel like our hearts could burst."
Chandra, Mother of 1
Breast Cancer
"Inheritance of Hope is the hardest working non-profit I've ever worked with."
Brock, Father of 2
Business Partner
"What a life-changing experience for my family!"
Shawn, Mother of 2
Cholangiocarnomia-Bile Duct Cancer
"I just gave IoH a 5-star rating [online]. Too bad it only goes up to 5 stars because you guys deserve so many more!"
Seiji, Father of 2
"Being able to be around teens and kids that are experiencing what I and my family are experiencing was something indescribable."
Hannah, Age 17
"IoH is radically making a difference in families who are battling life-threatening illnesses."
Adam, Father of 4
"I truly wish there was enough words on this planet to express what this has done for me and my family."
Chrissy, Mother of 2
"Best 4 days ever!"
Donna, Mother of 3