Quick Tip:How to clean produce…


To help remove surface bacteria from produce, including e.coli bacteria, you can follow this simple method of washing your produce…

Olin Idol (ND, CNC), offers this easy method:

Thoroughly washing our produce by a two step process using two spray bottles, one filled with distilled vinegar and the other filled with food grade hydrogen peroxide:

  1. Spray the produce with the distilled vinegar first to set up an acid environment to allow the peroxide to work more efficiently
  2. Then spray with hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Let stand 4 to 5 minutes.
  4. Rinse thoroughly.

This will help with surface bacteria on the produce.

For years, I have used grapefruit seed extract drops added to water in a spray bottle to clean produce.  In my opinion, when buying produce, a lot of the concern is who has been handling it, what’s been crawling on it and where has it been stored.  Another concern is what’s over the fence in the other field.  This is why we need to wash our produce.