Life-Changing Connections for the Meeks Family

Ever since Jeville was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer, the Meeks family longed to connect with others who understood the challenges they were facing. The family attended a North Carolina Legacy Retreat® in October 2023 where each member spent intentional time with others who were in similar situations. Jeville was able to chat with parents who were also facing terminal illness, his wife Angelina spent time with other caregivers, and their daughters Spirit and Sophia connected with other teens who were facing the loss of a parent too.
A Legacy Retreat® is an opportunity for families, like the Meeks, to experience a weekend of physical and emotional rest, build community with others, receive resources for navigating the challenges of terminal illness, and create memories that will last a lifetime.
“I’m so glad we had the opportunity to make memories and meet people that are going through similar situations,” said Angelina.

We have a list of families waiting for the opportunity to experience a Legacy Retreat®. Your generosity changes lives!

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