Team IOH at the 2011 MCM

Yea - Carolyn!

Yea – Carolyn!

Last weekend, Team IOH participated in the 2011 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC.  Runners from 24 states and Canada joined forces to raise over $100,000 to support the mission of Inheritance of Hope!  Specifically, these donations will be used to fully fund the November 2011 Times Square Legacy Retreat that is happening in 2 weeks.  Here’s a recap of the weekend…

The weekend began on Thursday evening with the Marine Corps Marathon expo.  Inheritance of Hope displayed information, handed out runners’ bags, and provided cheer signs for Expo attendees to use on race day to cheer on their runner.  The volunteers helping at the expo were superb – engaging people with the Inheritance of Hope story.

Sharon, Grace and John at the Expo

Sharon, Grace and John at the Expo

Saturday evening, the Team Pasta Dinner was held at a private home in Alexandria, VA.  Team members were served a carb-loading pasta dinner.  The food was excellent, as well as the opportunity to meet teammates and Inheritance of Hope volunteers and staff.  Kristen Milligan, cofounder of IOH, and Mike Davis both gave presentations about their involvement with Inheritance of Hope.

Deric at the Team Dinner

Deric at the Team Dinner

The Team Pasta Dinner was a nice relaxing way to spend the evening before the marathon.  I enjoyed meeting everyone and learning about the experiences with IOH.   ~Graham, first time running with Team IOH

Early Sunday morning the charity tent was ready to go with bagels, cream cheese, peanut butter, bananas, oranges, hot tea and hot cocoa, and power bars.  Team mates were able to check in their personal belongings to be held until the end of their race.  Family members found the tent a place to meet up with their runner.  After the race, soup was served to help with the recovery process.

The Charity Tent was great!  Good location.  Convenient place to leave my bag.  Good place to meet people before and after the race.  Good food before and after the race.  ~Rebecca, first time marathoner

I was so proud to see all of our finishers.  The look of accomplishment on each of their faces was so well deserved.  Not only did they accomplish a feat that few ever attempt to tackle – running a marathon, but they accomplished offering a life-changing experience to 16 families in two short weeks.  An experience that will forever be remembered by everyone involved as a defining event in their lives.

Go Team!
DSC_0051 2
Looking good!
Finishing strong!

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