Crossing the Finish Line


This past weekend was an incredible memory for me! I completed my first marathon with an amazing group of people.

We all ran to support Inheritance of Hope.

We ran so that families with young children who have a parent facing a life-threatening illness can experience joy in memories, comfort in community and hope in their circumstances.

I ran because I believe in what Inheritance of Hope does and I recognize the need.

I ran because the Inheritance of Hope founders are not only the ones who run and manage this organization but they are also one of these families. They are also battling a life-threatening illness.  All of them.  The mom is the one with cancer but she is not the only one fighting this disease.  Her husband and children carry a heavy burden.  They have all chosen to use their situation to serve others.

I feel so thankful that I get to be one of the people that love and serve them!

It was my joy and privilege to help push our Inheritance of Hope founder, Kristen Milligan 26.2 miles on Sunday and also to help push and carry this precious family as they fight liver cancer and as they serve hundreds of other sick parents, caregivers and children through Inheritance of Hope.

After all…”every family deserves a legacy”.