Poor Cat


I am not a cat lover.  However, tonight when the car in front of me accidentally ran over a cat I shivered and shreeked. I felt sad for that poor kitty and the owner who was currently ignorant to that fact that the cat was gone.

Why on earth did the cat bolt out so quickly into the road when cars were speeding by in both directions? Why couldn’t she just wait a few minutes for a clear path so she could cross safely?

Sometimes I feel like that poor cat.  Sometimes I act (or re-act) too quickly, without taking the time to stop and think through my actions.  I open my mouth and spit out my first thought without processing it’s full impact. I jump up and down enthusiastically and sometimes I step on a few toes with my enthusiastic jumps.

If I just take a moment to look both ways, to consider the impact of my words or actions, to be more intentional about my behavior I will likely be squashed less and make more out of my one life. I hear my little friend might have nine lives.  For her sake, I hope that is true but unfortunately I think the next 8 cars including me took care of the remaining lives. Poor thing!

I know for a fact though that I only have one chance at this great life, and you too!

Take a moment and consider your next sprint across the street (or response, or action, or enthusiastic jump…)

Blog post written by Jill Thompson, Legacy Retreat Coordinator

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  1. rvsteveglo@gmail.com

    You are wise beyond your years and your words are so true. Thank you for this great reminder that my words can be lethal, if not seasoned with HIS grace. Love you, Jillie!

    Your (cat loving) Mum

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