Enjoy the Here-and-Now

With 16 families eagerly and nervously getting ready to head to Orlando in the next day or so, much is being anticipated and much is unknown.  This trip will changes lives, not only the lives of the families that are attending the retreat, but also the lives of volunteers and others who will encounter the families this weekend.

Make every second count

Make every second count

16 families, all who have a parent with a life-threatening illness, all in one place is powerful!  It is powerful in so many ways you would not believe or imagine until you have experienced it.  You have to live their daily lives so differently than you once did.  Caregivers may speak up even if they really don’t share, children may relax and enjoy themselves because everyone around them understands – pressures of life melt away, lifelong memories will be made, and legacies will be started and added to throughout the retreat!

I was reading Unstoppable Me! to my 5 year old the other night and there are 10 great reminders for all of us.  However, one stuck out to me as I prepared for this weekend’s retreat.

#7 Enjoy the Here-and-Now

Your past is now behind you, and it has taught you many things.  You also have your future, and you wonder what it will bring.

All these things to think about can cause your head to spin, so remember this key to happiness – enjoy the moment you’re in!

Take pleasure in the here-and-now; don’t always be on the run. The road you take to reach your goal should be part of the fun!

It is my hope and prayer that you will enjoy every minute of this weekend retreat!  You simply cannot change your past and you don’t know what the future holds.  You will have so many moments to soak up and cherish – leave the worries at home.  Enjoy the weekend and all it has to offer.  Most importantly – have FUN and love on each other!!!!!

Blog post written by Angela Bailey, Legacy Retreat Coordinator

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  1. martin5

    I just saw this post…love the picture! What wonderful deep meaningful memories we cherish from our retreat to NYC. You have such great positive engery Jill..keep up the amazing work that you do…keep smilling! Carrie Martin

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