Most Likely to Succeed

So…listen to this conversation from the backseat of my minivan the other day.  DSC_0087

Elizabeth: “Do I have any money in the bank?”

Me: “Yes, it is for college.”

Elizabeth: “I plan on working really hard at the piano and soccer so I can get a scholarship for college. Then what happens to that money?”

Me: “You can use it for something else, like a car.”

Elizabeth: (with wide eyes and big dreams) “Cael, what are you going to work hard at so you can get a scholarship for college?”

Cael: (with very little hesitation) “I don’t really feel like working that hard at anything….I’ll just use the money in the bank.”

Are you kidding me?!?! Guess I’m going to have to keep working on that one.

Maternal to-do list:
Work ethic
Drive to succeed

Isn’t it amazing how different two children from the same parents can be?

When I get to know the children at the Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreats I am always amazed at the wide array of personality types and behaviors represented.  When faced with a parent who is battling a life-threatening illness some children respond in ways that their parents might not have predicted.  I am always amazed at the skills of the children’s counselors that we staff!!!  They have a special gift at getting to know the heart of these kids and blessing them in a HUGE way!

Thanks Meg and Marilyn!!!  (And please let me know if you have any tips on instilling some work ethic into my son!)

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  1. Grace Gerdin

    that conversation was CLASSIC! Love it…thanks for sharing

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