Dream Big

As we were driving to my son’s preschool graduation, my sweet 5 year old was explaining that he and each of his classmates were going up on stage and they were going to have to say in the microphone what they want to be when they grow up.

“What are you going to say?” I asked him.

“A drum player….. I would really like to change my answer but I can’t because it is too late.”


“It’s already printed on my diploma.”

“What would you have changed it to?” (If you could have, of course.)

After thinking for a moment….”a banjo player!!!”

My sweet little musician!

In one month Inheritance of Hope will be welcoming 16 families from all over the country to Orlando, Florida to enjoy a four day all-expenses paid vacation at Walt Disney World.

Although their stories may be slightly different, they all share a common situation.  One of the parents in each of these families has a life-threatening illness and that illness impacts the entire family. We can’t change that.

But, we CAN help them dream.  We can help them be intentional with the life they still have together. We can help them create some amazing family memories. We can encourage them and share hope with them.

We are so excited to share their burdens for a few days…to shoulder some bags, push some wheelchairs, watch some children, encourage, cry, laugh, play.

And by all means if they want to be a banjo player instead of a drum player that is a change we can make.  Dream big folks!