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Walking (running!) out a dream

For over two years I have had the dream of running in the Jerusalem Marathon.  Well…this week I’m walking (running) out my dream – want to join me? 

The dream began when my friend, Israel, told me about the marathon. I didn’t realize Jerusalem even had a marathon. I immediately wanted to run it. As I investigated, I found out they also hold a half marathon as part of the marathon event. 

The Half Marathon is the event I chose … knowing I had to be back in NYC for the NYC Half with Team Inheritance of Hope. So I am running a marathon – but in the form of a half in one country and the other half in another! I’m running to celebrate families.

While in Jerusalem, my friend Carla and I are staying at the Succat Hallal 24/7 Prayer House apartment. Amazing, loving people! I feel like I’m part of their family:)

So, enjoy the journey with me … a dream come true…



Overlooking the Temple Mount