Calling All Volunteers!


As the 2011 Marine Corps Marathon approaches, I am seeking volunteers to help with the Team Inheritance of Hope festivities over the weekend in Washington, DC.  I was trying to put into words the rewarding experience of volunteering.  I have resorted to pictures … and quotes from others – to try to motivate you to join us for a fun, exciting weekend – October 28 – 30!  …

One is not born into the world to do everything but to do something.
– Henry David Thoreau, poet, writer, philosopher

Team Inheritance of Hope has over 100 runners participating in the upcoming Marine Corps Marathon!  It’s a great opportunity to join in the fun and volunteer!  Here are pictures of volunteers and runners … notice the huge smiles on the runners’ faces – seeing volunteers cheering them on and knowing they are running to make a difference in families lives.


Specific Areas of Need:

First, we are looking for people to help out at the expo.  Over 90,000 runners and running enthusiasts are expected to attend.  It’s an opportunity to tell more people about Inheritance of Hope.  It’s also the place that we will be handing out the Team IOH runner bags – you will get the opportunity to meet our Team members face to face.

We also need help at the Team Inheritance of Hope Charity Tent on race day.  This is where the team will gather before and after the race to have refreshments, fellowship and check their personal belongings.

Thirdly, we need your help to be part of the cheer squad on race day, October 30th.  You will meet at the Team IOH Charity Tent and from there, head out to the race course with Inheritance of Hope signs and banners and cheer on our runners.  It is so important to the runners to feel support.  Often a marathon can get lonely even though there are tons of runners all around you.  But, when you see someone specifically cheering you on, it can make all the difference in the world.  We also need photographers for the day.

Finally, we need your help in donating items or funds to help with all of the supplies needed on the weekend.  This is an opportunity to get involved even if you can’t be there on the weekend.


We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.
– Winston Churchill

View from Charity Village, race morning, 2010 Marine Corps Marathon.

View from Charity Village, race morning, 2010 Marine Corps Marathon.