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DSC_0067Today we will hear from Grace Gerdin.  Grace has run with Team Inheritance of Hope in two events – the 2010 NYC Half Marathon and the 2011 NYC Half Marathon.  This year, Grace was the top fundraiser for the NYC Half Team – raising over $3,700.  As you will read, not only has Grace blessed families by raising funds for IOH, but she has also received a personal blessing by increasing her personal fitness level – which, in turn, has been inspirational to her children.

Grace and Wendy at Team IOH Pasta Dinner

Grace and Wendy at Team IOH Pasta Dinner

When I decided a little over a year ago to run for Inheritance of Hope, I really thought I was doing it for my friend Kristen. I so admire how she has battled cancer, turning lemons into lemonade by founding and running IOH.   I wanted to do something for her.

I had run track in high school and college. Actually, I was a triple jumper, so I ran about 18 steps, a far cry from a half marathon, which I had committed to do. But with all the pain Kristen had endured over the 7 years she’s battled cancer, certainly I could make it 13.1 miles. Making that decision to run for Inheritance of Hope has changed my life.

I feel the best I’ve felt in years. I have more energy to help me take care of my four kids. I have an outlet when the unfairness of life gets to me.


family inspiration

I know my children are proud of what I am doing, and that is inspiring them to do the best they can. They see you are never too old, never too out of shape to make something good happen. They watched me go from barely running 3 miles to weekly going out to run 8-10 miles, just because I can. They wait for me on my lawn, and cheer as I turn in to my driveway. It is just so awesome.

I know I wouldn’t have decided to run a ½ marathon on my own. I really did go about doing good for Kristen, really trying not to make it all about me! But man, do I feel great. It really is true, you receive the best blessings when you bless others. Thank you Kristen and Lisa. Had you not planted that seed to run for IOH, I’m not sure where I’d be. Love you lots!

Since her 2010 half marathon debut, Grace has run multiple “halfs” and is planning on a full marathon this fall!

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