Giving Life

I value life greatly.  Hopefully, you do too.  There is no question the life we have here on earth is often times far too short whether it is 40 years or 99.

It seems like, more often then not, we spend more time contemplating what we are going to make for dinner or what our next big purchase is going to be then we do on teaching our kids or loving our “neighbors”.

Life is too short.

We need to be intentional about taking a moment to teach our kids about loving others.  Or, for that matter, intentionally looking for ways to love others.

We need to literally stop and smell the roses…or at least notice that they are there and that they are all unique and beautiful. Can you believe each one of us is also unique and beautiful? Yes, you!

I got a call a few months ago from the HLA Bone Marrow Registry. Apparently, my bone marrow was a match for a 64 year old man with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Amazing!

I underwent some additional testing and I have now officially become this man’s donor.

In my role as Legacy Retreat Coordinator for Inheritance of Hope I have met far too many individuals that are battling for their lives (most of them much younger than this gentleman!) I have always said if there was anything I could do to help these sweet people have more time with their families that I would do it in a heartbeat.  Well…here’s my chance!

I will be getting a shot for 5 days to boost my stem cells.  Apparently, I will feel pretty lousy during this 5 day period, experiencing body aches and bone pain.  Then on Day #5 I will have a 4 hour procedure to remove my stem cells to help save this man.

I am humbled and awed that I have been allowed this opportunity!

I only wish I could do it for all of the families that I love serving through Inheritance of Hope.

I would love your prayers for me and my stem cell sharer! I’ll keep you posted…