A Weekend of Rest and Memory-Making

Amanda and Brad Strange are raising 3 young kids. If parenthood wasn’t challenging enough, they are now doing so while Amanda goes through treatment for Stage IV Breast Cancer. In addition to school and extracurriculars with their kids, their lives also center around hospital stays, radiation, unpredictability, and the other challenges of cancer treatment.
When families attend a Legacy Retreat®, they are able to escape some of the harsh realities they face at home and experience a restful weekend making memories together.
Amanda said, “It was a much needed break from everyday life. I was loved and cared for emotionally, mentally, and physically. I was able to lean into the program and staff and ask the volunteers for anything I needed.”
In addition to rest and memory-making opportunities, a Legacy Retreat® also offers opportunities for families to build community with others, and to receive resources for navigating the challenges of terminal illness.

We have a list of families waiting for a memorable weekend of rest and love at a Legacy Retreat®. Your generosity moves families off our waitlist!


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