Traditions Tell a Story

Easter egg crafting traditions

Easter egg crafting tradition

I’ve noticed something about myself over the past few years since I’ve become a mom. I view traditions in my family in many different ways than I used to, especially ones around holidays of special significance for us. It’s like I view them through my kid’s lens instead of my own now! When we got married we started decorating our house in little ways that signified our new family unit. We did things like decorate our mantle above the fireplace for Christmas. I bought a journal to record “firsts”… first 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc. We started forming our own traditions for what would soon become our growing family! A few weeks after our first son was born Easter arrived. I must admit, Easter is my favorite celebration of the calendar year! We live in North Carolina, so we are blessed with four very distinct seasons for the most part, this year being quite an exception. I love Easter because the leaves are growing back on the trees, the flowers are in full bloom, there is more daylight emerging everyday, birds chirp, bees buzz, & most of all I get to share my Hope with my kids as I share the story of Easter! It’s a JOYOUS time for us, even in the midst of the unpredictabilities life brings. I am always reminded of the simple things, small & big, this time of year. I then grow very thankful.

What is your favorite holiday?
What comes to mind for you when you think of that time each year?
What traditions do you have as a family?

I bring up this idea of traditions mostly because developing traditions as a family is yet another way to love our kids as parents. Traditions offer predictability, security, excitement, & anticipation, when other aspects of life may not be any of those things at all! Kids love all those things & thrive when they experience any taste of that. Traditions are a respite from the mundane, routine, & even the hard times. Kids love quality time with us, especially when life is hard. The memories we make as children stick with us for years to come. The beauty of traditions are that they become our legacy. Our kids’ kids, will one day hear stories about what we used to do at Easter as a family. Sure, it won’t look just the same, but there will always be remnants. That makes me smile, because I want my kids to look back on their young years remembering the time they had with me when they were growing up. Making yarn easter eggs. Eating together as a family after our big Easter service. Having brunch with their grandparents. Eating something sweet. Talking about baby animals & how much their mama loves them so very much. Sharing my heart about Easter & how God loves & protects them way more than I’ll ever be able to. These are our Easter traditions & I can’t wait to introduce them to my youngest son very soon!

Traditions tell a story. They really do.
They tell the story of your family. What you value & love & want to share together.

Traditions can be simple. Not frilly or pricey.
Sometimes a tradition can be as simple as every night reading a few books & talking about my son’s day.

I’m so very thankful for the traditions in our family & I hope some will get passed down from generation to generation one day!