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As an athlete with Team Inheritance of Hope, you will share in the joy of helping build lasting legacies for families who are facing a tremendous challenge in their lives. Team Inheritance of Hope serves as a funding resource for Inheritance of Hope, a nonprofit charity dedicated to inspiring hope in young families who have a terminally ill parent.

Benefits of Joining "Team Inheritance of Hope"

  • Bart Yasso, Chief Running Officer of Runner’s World, training calendars for newbies, seasoned, and hard-core marathoners
  • Personal, mobile-friendly webpageonline fundraising tools, and fundraising incentives
  • Race-day apparel
  • Event-specific benefits
  • Watching your funds inspire hope in the lives of families who are enduring a ‘marathon’ of their own — life with terminal illness

More specific benefits are available for each event. Check them out to learn more!

2 Ways to Join "Team Inheritance of Hope"

1) Register for a Team IOH event by clicking its link. 

  • See what’s available in the “Team IoH Events” module — to the right on large screens, below on mobile devices.

2) Dedicate an event of your choice to Team IoH, and we will sponsor you!

  • You choose any event you want — any location, any distance, sport, etc.
  • Click here to register with our team.
  • We’ll support you every step of the way!

Thanks for inspiring hope in families facing a young parent’s terminal illness!

Questions or Ideas?

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Create precious smiles and priceless memories for a family with a terminally ill parent – choose your impact with our gift registry.


Enjoy a slideshow of Team IoH athletes and families served at Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreats® — see a glimpse of why athletes choose Team IoH!