Soccer Time


Soccer season is in full swing in my life right now.  Most of my days are spent in a black canvas fold-up chair next to a huge field of grass.

I have learned a few lessons from my days at the soccer field.

If you try to play offense and defense at the same time, you’re gonna kill yourself.   The field is large and if you run after the ball every time it moves you will not be able to maintain the stamina to complete the game.   If you’re playing forward you have to trust your defensive players to do their job while you get open and wait for their pass up field.

Sometimes I feel like I am running in all directions trying to do so many jobs at the same time.  This is not the way I can operate long-term.  Eventually I will lose stamina and run out of steam.  In my life I have learned to identify my “team” members.

I have people in my life who play goalie.  When I let things pass me by or become overwhelmed and unable to gain control, they come to my rescue with a major save.

I have teammates who have the ability to read my next move and they fall in step beside me to wait for a pass when I need them.

Other teammates always seems to have my back.  They are my defenders and they stand up for me  and step up when needed.

Then I have the teammates that aren’t in the game with me at this exact moment but they are cheering me on from the sidelines. They know the right thing to say to get me through and they have the encouragement and praise to offer when I succeed.

I couldn’t do life without my team.  Just like the soccer game…if I want to survive until the end I need to rely on my teammates. And if I want any shot of winning I definitely need a lot of help.

At an Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreat, you will find a fantastic team.  Whether you are a family member or volunteer, you will experience a community that closely resembles a well-coached soccer team.  We have a perfect record! Go Team!

Can’t run this game alone.

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  1. Judy

    You are so good at writing and putting things together!!! great blog!!! Love you!

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