So Thankful

During this season of thanksgiving, I feel I should give thanks for so many things:

1) I am thankful for my health but more than that I am thankful that I have learned to be intentional about this day as we never know when it could be our last.

2)I am thankful for my family and the “family” of people that I get to know through Inheritance of Hope; the staff, volunteers, and incredible families we serve.

3)I am thankful for my resources. I feel so blessed and love looking for ways to share those blessings.

4) I am thankful for an amazing Legacy Retreat in New York City in November and another one coming up in February in Orlando, Florida.

5) I am thankful for an eternal perspective that allows me to continue to know and love people who are facing the end of life on earth.  I am so thankful that this is not the end!

As we all look forward to this holiday season, I pray that you are able to  give thanks in all circumstances.