Be Real

I read an article this week that really impacted me.  The writer sat at a playground with a friend/acquaintance and they chatted as they watched their kids play.  They had spent many hours at this playground on different days and yet they barely knew each other.  I mean, they knew the superficial basics about each other but they didn’t REALLY know each other.

One day the writer decided to be vulnerable.  She shared some of her personal struggles and fears with this “playground pal”. She practically blurted out all her major life mistakes and troubles without even taking a breath. She actually thought the other lady might grab her children and run while calling 911 for the crazy lady on the park bench.  But, she didn’t do that. Instead, tears rolled down her face as she too shared some of her personal struggles and fears. A deep meaningful friendship began on the park bench that day.

These women chose to be vulnerable and to open up to each other. In that, they were able to share some of the burden of the emotional loads they were carrying. They were also able to gain encouragement and wisdom form someone else who really understands. This is community. This is friendship.

On an Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreat families find this kind of community and friendship. It is a beautiful thing. When you look around your “playground” who is sitting near you who might need a friend? Do you need to open your heart up to someone else’s story or share your own story to encourage someone? We are made for this kind of community!

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  1. Cheryl McCoy

    So very true – true relationships are built on sharing and being open and honest with each other. It is in the vulnerable sharing that deep friendships are formed and grown. It is also the place that we can truly minister to each other. Thanks for sharing.

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