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Hope@Home™ Groups
You are not alone. Connect with others who "get it" in weekly online gatherings for caregivers, diagnosed parents, kids, teens, young adults, and those facing life after loss.
Hope@Home™ App
Enjoy Inheritance of Hope content and community anywhere, anytime!
Legacy Videos™
Heartfelt messages from parents recorded for their loved ones with an expert Legacy Video Coach. (In addition to being a treasure for your family, a Legacy Video made with one of our coaches is required for the Legacy Retreat® application.)
Annual Vision Event
Over 7 million people in the US are in young families facing the loss of a parent. Attend our online Annual Vision Event and see for yourself what no one else is offering these families. All ages are welcome.
Hope Hub™
Local face-to-face gatherings with families who understand the journey of a life-threatening illness.
Family Application Required
Hope@Home™ Weekends
Young families facing ALS, cancer, or other life-threatening illness of a parent often feel alone. You’re not. If your family is facing the loss of a parent while raising kids, connect with other families across the U.S. who "get it" — all from the comfort of home.
Legacy Retreats®
You are not alone. If your family is facing the loss of a parent while raising kids, connect with others from across the U.S. who "get it" — at an on-site event. (Specific locations and dates will be provided on the family application.)
How to Help
Top-notch volunteers bring about the best of this mission. Apply to be part of this hope-filled team!
Legacy Builder
Monthly Giving | Lifelong Impact
Prayer is a vital part of our service to IoH families. We are very grateful for prayer care!
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