NYC…Here we come!

The November 2012 New York City Legacy will kick off this Sunday.  This year, we have 16 families from around the country including: Indiana, Texas, California, Oregon, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Dakota, Mississippi, Arkansas, Florida, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nebraska, and Washington.  Similarly, our loving and servant-hearted volunteers are from New York, Indiana, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Maryland.

Here are a few of the highlights these families can expect:

They are going to make some amazing memories as a family. They will be staying at the Hotel Novotel in the heart of Manhattan  with a spectacular view of  Times Square. They will enjoy a 3 hour boat cruise that circumnavigates the island of Manhattan taking in sites like the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge,  and much more. They will enjoy the amazing Radio City Christmas Spectacular Show with the world-known Rockettes. They will enjoy a magnificent view and 360 degree experience at the Top of the Rock tour. They will be treated to special meals, beautiful sites, thoughtful surprises…All the while our wonderful team will be helping them navigate, watching their children, and taking many pictures to remind them of these memories for years to come.

They are going to make some very special new friends. Each family will meet 15 other families who truly understand what they are going through.  All of these families have young children and a parent that is battling a life threatening illness.  They understand more medical terminology then most doctors and can empathize well with side effects, surgeries, treatments, bills, frustrations, worries.  The children have all felt the effects of watching their parent suffer. They know the pain of loss as often both of their parents are pouring much of their time and effort into fighting the sickness. They get to share those burdens. They receive a special gift…community. They are not alone. It is a powerful bond!

They are going to gain some practical resources to help them leave a lasting legacy. They are all going to be challenged to be intentional with each day they are together as a family. They are going to be inspired to love their family well right now and when they are gone. One thing is for sure…we will all die someday. Whether that happens in a matter of months, years or decades we have an opportunity now to prepare. “Every Family Deserves a Legacy” and these 16 families will receive a lot to think about as they leave theirs.

Please feel free to enjoy us on this upcoming Legacy Retreat through the “Fans of Legacy Retreats” Group. We will be posting pictures, video clips and blog updates in that group each day during the retreat.  You won’t want to miss this fun way to visit NYC through the eyes of 16 sweet families and 30 volunteers/staff. Don’t you want to see all 99 of us in the heart of Times Square!?! Group picture to come on Monday! See you then!