Life’s Most Urgent Question

I was reading an article the other day that proposed “life’s most urgent question”.

It was not…

1) Where is the best sale today?

2)Who is the prettiest/sexiest/wealthiest person alive?

3) What is the most lucrative career?

It was….

What are you doing for others?

I love this!

To me, that is really what life is all about. As I look around I see most people trying to do a lot for themselves… Make themselves prettier, or richer, or better in some way.  I, myself, am guilty of the human tendency to think of myself before others.  Especially if something is uncomfortable for me, physically or emotionally, I can easily succumb to self-centeredness.

That, however, is not my goal. I was to live a selfless life.  I want to sacrifice for others. I want to put other’s wants and needs ahead of my own.

Interestingly, the big times I have done this in my life I have been amazed at people’s responses. The people in my “inner circle” who share my same core beliefs and values have been extremely supportive.  But others, who likely, don’t share my goal for selfless living, have questioned me.  I have been amazed at how skeptical some people have been at my motives or desires. “Are you getting paid to do this?” “Will you receive any sort of reward or compensation?” “What’s in it for you?”

The first example is when I was a match for a bone marrow transplant and I chose to donate to a complete stranger.  To me this was a NO BRAINER!  I am a match for someone who if very sick and I have the opportunity to help save his life.  Of course, I will do this!  No, it was not comfortable or easy but it WAS worth it.  Like I said, my inner circle was very supportive.  Other people couldn’t believe my willingness.  They were shocked by my enthusiasm. Whatever.

The second example is the recent adventure my family is undertaking to adopt siblings from Africa.  We are excited to add to our family and share love with children who don’t have their own family right now.  We are so thrilled. I know it is not for all families but for our family, I feel like it is an exciting answer to life’s most urgent question.  Once again, the inner circle is thrilled and excited with us.  They get it! They understand that life is about more than just gaining more money, things, and beauty. Shockingly, many other people do not get it.  They wonder, “why would you want to do that”. “Why would you want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to add more children to your family?” “Why would you want to make your life harder?”

Our answer…Why would you not?

I don’t know. I guess my opinion of life’s most urgent question is not shared by all.  I’ve always been a bit different. 😉 But, since this is my blog I would like to propose an urgent question…

What are you doing for others?

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    Love your enthusiasm and willingness to serve our mighty King.
    It’s contagious!! I’m with you-I GET -I GET IT!!!

  2. dverbeek

    Jill, what a wonderful story and call to action. Thank you – you’re amazing!

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