Kid’s Night Out!

After the morning sessions, the families headed back into the parks…

Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom were particularly popular today, with Expedition Everest and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin among the favorite rides.

This evening, many parents enjoyed an evening to themselves at Downtown Disney. The weather was perfect, as clouds and a breeze offered a break from the Florida sunshine. Parents were able to eat dinner or shop while volunteers hung out with the kids, who enjoyed Kid’s Night Out.

We ate a tasty meal of chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese before heading out to Disney Quest, a huge arcade filled with all kinds of games. The bowling game, ski ball, and the design-your-own roller coaster simulator were all big hits.  Afterward, those with lots of energy even spent some time splashing in the pool!

Fun in the pool!

Fun in the pool!

It was a great, busy day. We can’t believe that tomorrow is our last day together!

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  1. crystal

    This is so amazing that all these wonderful families have been able to go to the retreat. I wish there was something like this when i had cancer 7 years ago that would have been something special for my children and I . I am so happy for all of you and all the volunteers should be so proud to be a part of this healing and hope! I was reading this and got teary eyed and had to leave a message for you all for the families keep fighting! for the volunteer pat your selves on the back for helping these families it means more to them than you probably know, and i say this because i know what it would have meant to me, and how happy the photos are of the families. God Bless!

  2. Jill

    Thank you for your words of encouragement!

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