I’m a Runner?

Today I’m happy to bring to you a post written by Heather Mosman.  I met Heather last January at the 2010 Disney Marathon Weekend.  It was such a joy getting to know her … and I’ll get to see her again in a few weeks in Chicago!  As Heather says, “Go Team IOH!!!” ~ Lisa

Last year I would not have called myself a “runner”.  In fact, I haven’t run for exercise (or pleasure) since college.  Even then, it wasn’t really my thing.  However, I have always been a person that can be inspired by a good cause.  That is what has made me into a runner….

Four years ago, I learned about a women named Kristen Milligan.  She was a friend of a friend who came to my home state of Minnesota to speak about Hope.  She has an incredible story of faith, hope and peace in the midst of her battle with terminal illness.  To say she inspired me would be an understatement.  Truthfully, she changed my life.  She has since become a dear friend of mine and continues to encourage and inspire me as she fights her battle with cancer and enjoys each day of her life.

Kristen and her husband founded Inheritance of Hope in May 2007 to reach out to families, like their own.  These are families that have young children and a parent battling a life-threatening illness.  They minister to these families through books, scholarships, a website community and Legacy Retreats.

Last year, I decided to start running for my friend so I could raise money for Inheritance of Hope in the Disney Half Marathon. Now I not only run for Kristen but I run for the Obercorns, Colemans, Ennis, Rebers, Broyles, Blouins, Guinassos, and Kubans.  These are the families who attended the January 2010 Disney Legacy Retreat.  I was privileged to meet them the night before I raced. I also run for the families that are going to be attending future Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreats.

Families and runners at the 2010 Disney Retreat

I feel so blessed that I am able to run.  I feel blessed that I have met so many incredible people through this organization.  I feel blessed that I am teaching my girls the importance of leaving a lasting legacy.  Inheritance of Hope’s vision is “Every Family Deserves a Legacy.”® and as I work on the legacy that I am leaving for my girls I want this organization to be a part of it.

I am gearing up for my next big race for Inheritance of Hope. I am running the Chicago Marathon this October and this time I will be running a full marathon.

Betsy, Mickey andHeather

26.2 miles!  As I train I intentionally think of Inheritance of Hope and the families they serve.  Last weekend my training regiments indicated I was suppose to run 13 miles.  These longer runs are more difficult to manage, not only physically but logistically. I have to consider water stops, an appropriate course  to follow, and motivation.

The night before my training run I learned of a local half marathon going  on that day.  I decided to run in this race to train for the Chicago Marathon.  I can’t believe 8 months ago this was the race for me and now it is my training run!?!  I don my Inheritance of Hope running shirt and take off.  Half way through my 13 miles a woman runs up beside me to ask about the cause I was wearing.  After telling her about Inheritance of Hope, she shared with me about a family in her life who would really benefit from IOH.  I know this race was not only meant to train me for Chicago.  It was a way to tell others about this incredible organization.

I will be running in Chicago to help a great cause, to tell others about Inheritance of Hope, and to leave a lasting legacy.  Go TEAM IOH!

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon Starting Line - 45,000 runners!

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon Starting Line – 45,000 runners!

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    Heather, what an amazing story – good for you! Good luck in Chicago!

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