Hope Continues for the Hall Family, Right Where They Live

Chris & Michelina Hall, along with their 4 sons, first connected with Inheritance of Hope when they were served at a Legacy Retreat® in 2022. Two months later, Chris passed away and the Hall family sought continued support through online Hope@Home™ Groups. When they heard a new Hope Hub™ was launching right in their city, they were one of the first families to register!

Now, Michelina and her sons are regular attendees and have found connection and a community of others who “get it” right where they live.

Hope Hub™ means so much to the Halls that when Michelina was unable to attend one of the monthly gatherings, the boys arranged to go together on their own. They’ve found a place to just be themselves with other kids facing similar circumstances. Hope Hub™ gives families like the Halls a local, ongoing community and connection that inspires hope and reminds them they are not alone.

Families shouldn’t feel isolated by terminal illness. Give them community right where they live!

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