Enjoy the Journey


A 95 year old man gave his son some advice:

“Do you want to know the secret of a long life?”

“I guess so,” the son answered.

“No left turns,” the father said.

“What?” the son asked.

“No left turns,” he repeated. “Several years ago, your mother and I read an article that said most accidents that old people are in happen when they turn left in front of oncoming traffic.

As you get older, your eyesight worsens, and you can lose your depth perception, it said. So your mother and I decided never again to make a left turn.”

“What?”  the son repeated.

“No left turns, think about it. Three rights are the same as a left, and that’s a lot safer.  So we always make three rights..”

“You’re kidding!” the son said, and then turned to his mother for support.

“No,” she said, “your father is right. We make three rights. It works.”

But then she added: “Except when your father loses count.”

“Loses count?” the son asked.

“Yes,” his father admitted, “that sometimes happens. But it’s not a problem. You just make seven rights, and you’re okay again.”

The son couldn’t resist. “Do you ever go for 11?” he asked.

“No, If we miss it at seven, we just come home and call it a bad day.

I don’t know about you but much of my life is spent driving from one place to the next (often in a hurry).  I run to the grocery store, meetings, the dry cleaners, school, soccer practice, football practice, back to soccer, the drive through, church…

In the busyness of life I often find myself looking ahead to the next destination and aiming down the most efficient path to get there.

I trudge ahead often without even thinking about the journey.

Intentionally taking a longer route to get somewhere has never crossed my mind!


I’m all about efficiency.

I heard a quote recently that has really resonated with me:

“Life is the journey not the destination.”

That’s so true.

Are you in such a hurry to your next destination that you miss the journey?

Think about it.  Every single person has the exact same final destination for life on earth.

We will all die one day. It’s a fact.

Through my involvement with Inheritance of Hope I have learned that life is not always long.

Please don’t miss the journey!