Don’t Quit

I was once asked in a job interview what the quote I live by was and my answer was the poem “Don’t Quit.”

I was thinking of the attendees of the May Retreat and realized how fitting this is for all of them.  I think this is especially true for the children in these families.  They truly carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, yet they find a way to go on each day.  Not only that, but they smile and laugh and enjoy life while they do it.

I think we all can learn from each of them and their sweet smiles.  Even when life is not going as we think it should, what is around the corner is unknown.  It might be a good event in our lives or it might be a horrible event in our lives.  We don’t know, but we must go on.  One thing is for sure with the children that attended the May Retreat (as I am sure is true with most IOH children), they do not quit on their families!  They are there and ready to do what it takes.  What a wonderful gift to their parents and siblings.  It was nice to see many of them put worries aside and have some “kid” fun.

Why is it so hard for so many other people to commit like that or show the dedication that these children do?  They are all such special people with incredible gifts that will serve them so well in life.  What will you dedicate your time or energy to that you haven’t in the past or what will you commit to that you know you should, but have not.  Let the children’s example change our lives!

Written by: Angela Bailey, Legacy Retreat Coordinator