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Come Seek Hope with Us

How can we continue to support a family after their loved one has passed away? At Inheritance of Hope, our goal is to purposefully be with those left behind, to walk alongside those who grieve.  We know we could never fill the emptiness that remains, but we also know this space still beautifully holds memories and much, much more.  We acknowledge the loss just as we celebrate life and love.  

We watched that love manifest itself as legacies took shape, in brave and intentional ways (although no one really wants to face their own mortality).   Every few months, we set aside time to be together and honor the legacies of those we have recently lost.  Because, we remember moments with every IoH family member and are grateful for the ways each has strengthened and bettered us all.  

During our Memorial Gatherings, we invite you to come seek hope with us.  We will hear a message of comfort, recognize each life and the light it brought to the world, be blessed through song and prayer, and leave with our hearts more full than when we began. 

IoH Memorial Gatherings are held quarterly–on the second Sunday of each new quarter from 7:00-8:00 pm.  Our next service will be Sunday, March 14th.