Circle the City

Today has been a great day! The weather has been fantastic and all the families are enjoying each other and New York City.

This morning’s blog update proved to be an accurate description of everything we have done.  In other words, everything has gone according to plan!  I love it when that happens. 

We enjoyed an amazing breakfast at the Hotel Novotel.  Then we walked 2 blocks to the Crowne Plaza for our morning meetings.  The kids played all sorts of fun games and were also given the opportunity to create a swamp.  The green slime was particularly popular among the younger crowd.

The parents were visited in their session by Michael Davis, one of our volunteers who shared very openly about the loss of his father to cancer when he was a teenager.  He offered a lot of great insight and perspective as well as some candid advice regarding raising children while dealing with a life-threatening illness.

After the sessions we headed out the doors of the hotel and walked one block to the center of Times Square where we took a group photo.  I think it is our best group photograph yet!


Then we boarded 2 large buses and headed to the pier for the Circle Line Boat Cruise.  Families enjoyed the sights of New York City from this double decker boat.  We were able to see the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the George Washington Bridge, The Freedom Tower (the former site of the World Trade Center), Yankee Stadium, the Empire State Building and many more buildings and bridges.

The kids enjoyed playing games like People Bingo and Digital Scavenger Hunt where they went around the boat finding clues and taking pictures of things they saw and learned.  They were all even given the opportunity to captain the ship and take a turn at the steering wheel.

Check out the “Fans” page on our website for lots of photos and videos! (Remember you have to click “join group” if you have not already in order to view the photos.)

We’re off to dinner now and then we will see the Rockettes!

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    AWESOME!!! Sleep well and be joyful.

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