Called to Love

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” – Proverbs 17:17
We’re called to love others because God has loved us first. In the same way that God is faithful to meet us where we’re at, we need to meet others in the same reliable way.

For families facing terminal illness, we don’t know what hurt has come to light, deepened, or preceded their illness. We have no idea what is to come for them or what has been lost. We can’t fix their hardships, but we can love them through it consistently and intentionally. We can be brothers and sisters of Christ, born for adversity and loving faithfully. It is okay to not know what to say, and in those moments pray for discernment that the Lord will equip you to speak the words He wants spoken.

Not only in an environment like Inheritance of Hope, but in everyday life we can try to rid ourselves and open our lives for Christ to use us for kingdom work. Less of me and more of God will do great things. The willingness necessary to serve this weekend and in any other capacity shows your willingness to love people the same way God has loved you. Your obedience is amazing just by being here and can affect not only these families but the future generations of their families. All it takes is one person to feel loved and seen to create a future of believers.
Lilly Warren was served on an Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreat® with her family in 2018 and is now an IoH Volunteer. She originally shared this devotional with the Hope@Home™ Weekend Team in December 2023.