Being Intentional this Holiday Season

Supply chain causing Santa to be a little backed up this year?  High gas prices and travel on planes, trains, and automobiles got you wishing for a flying fleet of reindeer?  Here’s a little perspective:


1. It’s supposed to be a “Holiday!”  A break!  Something fun!  Keep it that way by not allowing yourself to feed into all the things this season is NOT about–namely, spending too much money and exhausting yourself. Just say “no” to the worry and stress and say “yes” to the less!


2. Can’t see everyone you usually see?  Write a letter to those you cannot be with, and tell them what you love about them and your happiest memories with them.  A real letter, not just a text!


3. You’ve heard it here before: giving the gift of time is the best gift of all. What does that look like for you?  Is it a coupon book for future events with a loved one?  Choosing a puzzle, craft, or game to do together? Listening to music or watching a movie together?  Making a meal together?  Make a pact with someone you love to forgo gifts and instead spend truly intentional time together.  Think you can’t do it? We bet you can! Email us at to tell us how it went!


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