From the CEO: Antifragile Vision

Dear IoH Family,

We have come through a year and a half of tremendous change, which has been as invigorating as it has been challenging.  We can all be rightly proud, as well as humbly grateful, for how we have innovated and adapted our methods while staying true to our mission.

Antifragile is a way I have often thought of IoH.  After all, Deric and Kristen Milligan launched the organization while facing terminal illness and raising kids.  That same DNA has proven true through the COVID pandemic.  When faced with illness, uncertainty, and challenge, IoH is antifragile: we do not break, nor merely persevere, nor even merely show resilience in “bouncing back” — we get better.  We view challenges as opportunities to be more intentional and improve, and not just in an abstract way — we have proactively and creatively improved throughout the disruptions of COVID.  Among the highlights: 

  • We delivered 4 times more services to young families facing the loss of a parent in our fiscal 2021 (ended Sept. 30) than any prior year!
  • Those services were so meaningful that a record number of family members previously served chose to pay it forward and volunteer for the benefit of other families.
  • Our Hope@Home™ Groups created new opportunities for ongoing IoH community that “gets it,” and those connections have been so meaningful that most of the “critical” feedback is wishing groups could meet longer or more often!

There is much talk in our world, often eager talk, of “going back” to how things were pre-COVID.  Our approach at IoH is not to “go back” (if such a thing is even possible) but to go forward with hope, better than ever!  

Here’s a summary of the antifragile goals our leadership team, staff, and board envision for the coming year:

  • Doubling IoH’s audience size so that 100,000 people have access to our unique resources for intentional living.  When you enjoy an IoH resource, share and invite!
  • Thousands of people seeing they are not alone and connecting with a hope-filled community that “gets it” at our Annual Legacy Event.  This event is open to everyone — share and invite!
  • 100 families served at Legacy Retreats®
  • 150 families served at Hope@Home™ Weekends
  • Hundreds of people feeling the love every month in Hope@Home™ Groups

Exciting, right?!  Can you see it?  Our team at IoH can not only see it, we have plans to make it happen.  With antifragile ambition for our mission to inspire hope in young families facing the loss of a parent, we continue to innovate and build ways to deliver joy to more families who need what only IoH is offering.  

We are excited, yet we know it won’t be easy.  Truly, it will require a full team effort.  With the full IoH Family — with you — the personal and authentic love IoH is proudly known for can be available to more of the many families who need to experience Hope.  

Together, we can see it through!  Here’s how you can help:

1) Share the story:

  • With this graphic
  • With these 3 bullet points
    • 1 in 20 children suffer the loss of a parent before age 16.
    • Inheritance of Hope is a hope-filled community of care for these children and their families.
    • Thank you for helping a family that is going through the hardest moments of their lives experience what only IoH offers.
  • With this link — 

2) Make this year’s Giving Tuesday and year-end giving our best yet:

May you abound in hope,
Aaron Hedges
Inheritance of Hope CEO