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Join our community of monthly givers

building lifelong legacies for families

facing terminal illness.

Why a monthly gift?

Every dollar goes further! A monthly gift allows us to spend significantly more time focused on what we do best and what you care about most… SERVING FAMILIES!

Better than a Subscription to Netflix


Even just breaking out a one time donation into monthly installments increases the impact of your gift. Monthly gifts enable us to plan more effectively and in turn focus more of our efforts on serving families!


In 2022, 87% of every dollar donated to Inheritance of Hope went directly to serving families! Charity watchdog groups consider a non-profit “Highly efficient” and “Top Rated ” if this number is over 75%. You can sleep well knowing your dollars are making an even bigger impact with Inheritance of Hope!


The Builder Blueprint is sent quarterly via email exclusively to our Legacy Builder community and gives a specialized look at what your monthly gift is making possible.


By becoming a Legacy Builder you will be able to view your annual giving in a simple tax-friendly format at any time and will receive an annual report detailing your monthly gifts.


Edit your plan anytime with complete ease online, or reach out to us via phone or email for support 24/7.


Q. Where is my money going?

100% of your monthly gift as a Legacy Builder goes directly to young families facing terminal illness! We are so proud of this fact that we detail exactly where your money is going in our quarterly Builder Blueprint!

Q. What if I want to stop giving or change my plan?

You are in control!! You will have a personal login where you can change and manage your plan at any time. We also make ourselves available via phone or email 24/7 to assist you in making any changes if that is what you prefer.

Q. Will I receive notice of my transactions?

Yes. You will receive a receipt directly to your inbox each time your gift is processed. You will also receive an annual report detailing the prior year’s giving.

Q. When will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged on the date of your first transaction upon becoming a Legacy Builder, and will be charged on the same day of each subsequent month.