A Day Packed With Fun!


The weather continued to amaze us all day today as the temperatures remained around 60 degrees all afternoon and evening.  The families walked about 4 blocks to Radio City Music Hall after lunch and enjoyed the legendary Christmas Spectacular Show featuring the Rockettes.  The children and adults alike were thrilled with the show and also the drinks and popcorn they got to enjoy during it.


  How can you top an afternoon at Radio City Music Hall? No problem.  The adults got gussied up for a night on the town.  They were all given a gift card to dine at an amazing NYC restaurant.  They looked very nice as they headed out!  Tonight they have also been given a schedule to meet with our Children’s counselor, Marilyn Young and to record their Legacy Video.


  While the adults are away the children will play!  Off to Hard Rock Cafe and Toys R Us Times Square for the children and volunteers!  The children have been looking forward to this moment all day and it is finally here.  Their excitement is off the charts!

  Toys R Us has generously given all of the children with some amazing gift bags is addition to a ride on their famous Ferris Wheel.  The hardest choice the kids will be making tonight is whether to ride the Scooby Doo car or My Little Pony car as it circles high into Times Square.

We have really developed some strong bonds and amazing friendships.  It will be very difficult to say goodbye tomorrow. But for tonight….let the fun continue!

“Every Family Deserves a Legacy”®