What Motivates You?

As I sit by my computer, thinking about the above question, I wonder what could have possibly motivated me to run another marathon?  Because I’m asking myself this question, I realize that my 20 mile run this Friday is weighing heavy on my mind!

I have completed one 20 miler already – 2 weeks ago.  It was a difficult accomplishment.  Mostly because at mile 18, my knees were ACHING!!  I think it’s because I was at an outdoor concert the night before, sitting cross-legged.  I felt fine at the concert but maybe I put extra stress on my knees that I’m not used to?  The good news is that my knees were fine the next day.

Here are a couple quotes from runners about what motivates them.

“Everything I know about life, I learned from running.”    ~ Ruben Toledo Rosado

I guess that would motivate me, too  – if everything I ever knew came from that time pounding the pavement!

“I ran and ran every day, and I acquired a sense of determination, this sense of spirit that I would never, never give up, no matter what else happened.”    ~ Wilma Rudolph, US Track Star

Reminiscing about my last marathon, the 2009 Marine Corps Marathon, helps prepare me for my next race, the 2010 Chicago Marathon.

Me, so excited to see my family and friends at the MCM!

Me, so excited to see my family and friends at the MCM!

At the Marine Corps, I have memories of seeing my daughter, husband and close friends cheering me on at mile 10 and mile 14.  At the water stations, active duty Marines served me (and all of the other 25,000 runners) drinks and sports gels.  I ran through the streets where our forefathers walked and fought for this great country.  I thought about when our country was in such a great crisis during Abraham Lincoln’s watch as our President.  At mile 16, a favorite inspirational song was blasting on loud speakers that brought me to tears … but, only for a split second.  You see, I found out quickly that you cannot run and cry!  I started gagging uncontrollably!  You can run and laugh, but you cannot run and cry.

Like Wilma Rudolph, I think I acquire a sense of determination as I get closer to race day.  A sense to never, never give up.  I think of the families served by Inheritance of Hope.  I’m motivated to run for families – families that are in a ‘marathon’ of their own.  They, too, need to reach deep within to find that sense of determination to never, never give up.  I’m excited to run for families!  Can’t wait for my 20 miler on Friday!

Happy running!

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  1. Ruth

    Good for you. I hit the mental wall and had a minor injury. What’s motivating me now? The thought that many others have had their first marathon. I wont be the first and certainly not the last to go through this. My hurdles are not unique. I said I would do it. So I must. Sounds simple, but it definitely isnt easy.

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