Welcome to Disney World!


Tomorrow, I will have the honor and privilege of welcoming 16 families from all over the country to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  These families are coming from Arkansas, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maine, Missouri, Connecticut, Indiana, Tennessee, Nebraska, New York, Texas, Ohio, and Iowa.

Many of the parents have been hearing from their children for the past several weeks, “How much longer?”.  Others chose to keep this a surprise from their children and these kids will soon be getting the surprise of a lifetime!

In my correspondence, it has become clear that the children are not the only ones excited about this trip.  Many of the parents have admitted that they have been counting the days.  Well, that day has finally come!!!

It is my hope and prayer that these families will experience special memories, sweet community, and solid resources to help them leave a lasting legacy.  Our group of staff and volunteers are prepared and anxious to work hard and love these families well.

Please feel free to follow this Legacy Retreat by joining the “Fans of June 2011 Legacy Retreat” on our website.  It will be updated each day with pictures, videos, and quotes from the families and volunteers.

We cherish your prayers for health, strength, safety, and great fun!