“There is absolutely no down side to making a Legacy Video”

If you’ve been around Inheritance of Hope for long enough, you will likely have heard of Legacy Videos™. This free offering is a personal and intentional recording where you can capture your story. It’s a precious gift for your family and friends that will last a lifetime. We believe that anyone can and everyone should make a Legacy Video™, whether you have a diagnosis or not.

And while we acknowledge the importance of something like creating a Legacy Video™, we also recognize how intimidating it might feel. As you are taking the brave steps to build your legacy, there are likely many obstacles and fears that stand in the way.

Where do I begin?

What would I even say that would capture everything I want my family to know?

I don’t have it in me to make something like this yet. It makes me too nervous.

How do I leave something for my children so they know that I will always love them, even when I’m not around anymore?

It feels like I’d be giving up if I started to intentionally prepare for my death.

How would I even bring myself to create a Legacy Video™ when it feels like such a daunting and sad thing to create?

Who better to answer those questions than someone who asked herself the very same things?

Elizabeth recently made a Legacy Video™ with Susan, one of our coaches. Here is what Elizabeth had to say about her experience:

“I really enjoyed creating my Legacy Video – a lot more than I thought I would! I don’t know why, but I was sort of dreading the appointment, but when I connected with Susan she was so kind and friendly. It really set me at ease and encouraged me to relax and tell the stories of mine and my family’s histories.” 

Though you might be facing those fears listed above, or have other reasons for not making  a Legacy Video™ yet, listen to what Elizabeth goes on to say.

“If someone is on the fence about making a video, I would tell them to find the time and just do it. They will be so glad that they did because when they are gone, their stories and their history will fade, but if they prioritize one hour they can help their families heal when they are gone because their families will still have that connection. Not just the memories, but also the ability to look at and watch their loved one sharing what makes their family special. There is absolutely no down side to making a Legacy Video and you and your family will treasure the video for generations to come.”

Susan, who has been a Legacy Video™ Coach with Inheritance of Hope for just under one year, has helped many clients record their story. They leave that experience feeling a sense of relief and pride. Susan, along with all of our Legacy Video™ Coaches, prioritize going at YOUR pace, making sure you feel comfortable and equipped to share your story. Before they start recording the call, your Legacy Video™ Coach will ask you questions and make sure they understand how you’d like your video to turn out. You can either follow prompts and answer questions, or share whatever you’d like to without any prompts from your coach.

Hear what Susan shared about her experience as she helps people like you record these meaningful conversations.

“I’m a Legacy Video coach because it’s such an honor and a pleasure to hear and preserve people’s stories. Whether it is a story of hopes and dreams that someone can look back on years later and see how far they’ve come, or a message or memory that is preserved beyond a life, Legacy Videos™ are priceless treasures. Most often, silly stories, laughter, advice, tears, and smiles are what we preserve – not perfect speeches. As a coach, I see that people are nervous and don’t know what to say. I get to just talk with them and before they know it, we’ve recorded something special.”

So, whatever is holding you back from creating a free Legacy Video™, know that you can start building your legacy TODAY. If anyone can and everyone should make a Legacy Video™, then what better time to do it than right now? Book a time with one of our coaches and record your story.