The Magic Continues

This post was authored by Inheritance of Hope volunteer Mary Finch.

Today the families got to explore the Disney Parks once again.  Some chose to see wildlife in Animal Kingdom while others chose to check out the classics in the Magic Kingdom.  Either way, a fun time was had by all.

The Hurlbut family especially had fun visiting the main attractions at Epcot including, but by no means limited to, Soarin’, Test Track, and Ellen’s Dream.

Several of the kids picked up a new best friend in the form of a souvenir, from stuffed dinosaurs to favorites Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

Later, the kids headed off to Kids’ Night Out while the adults enjoyed some time alone and individual time with the counselors.  Most of the older kids went back out with volunteers for more adventures in the parks.  They hit the thrill rides at Magic Kingdom like Thunder Mountain and screamed their heads off!  Younger kids stayed behind to watch movies, play games, and do lots of coloring.

Everyone had a blast on Day 3!

Eager for the Philharmagic!
Eager for the Philharmagic!