Sweet and Salty

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I just discovered an awesome new candy!  The Pretzel M&M.  It has an amazing sugary coating on the outside with creamy milk chocolate and a salty center.  It is so delicious.  If you haven’t tried it yet, you should.  (In fact, if you post on this blog I will enter you in a drawing to win your very own bag of Pretzel M&Ms.)

The thing I love most about this candy is the amazing flavor and satisfaction that comes with mixing sugar and salt.  It’s an interesting blend and it works.  Plain M&Ms are well and good, but can you really appreciate the sweet yummy goodness without a little salt to compare it with?  Truthfully, I was on to this wonderful combination long ago.  I rarely ever wasted the energy to eat a bowl of popcorn if I didn’t have chocolate chips or M&Ms to add to the bowl. (Still don’t!) I have even been known to sneak a little chocolate in my purse to add to my movie theater popcorn at the cinema. (Don’t tell!)

Forrest Gump’s mom always said, “life is like a box of chocolates“, however I would propose that life is like a bag of chocolate pretzel M&Ms.  There are many sweet moments that are easy to enjoy and precious in our memories.  There are also many salty moments that cause great pain and require a bit of a lip-pucker to get through.  What I love is when you can have both of these things side by side.  The harder times help you appreciate the easier times and the happy moments can get you through the most excruciating moments.

That’s what we do at an Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreat!  We are all brought together because of some pretty “salty” circumstances but through these circumstances we are able to create some very sweet bonds, relationships and memories. We will choose to relish every sweet moment we are given and allow those times to surround and soften the saltier moments that we go through.  And while we’re at it will just share our big bags of chocolate pretzel M&Ms with those around us… something this special is not meant to be eaten alone!

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  1. Erin Toft

    yum, i should try that! i like the comparison, too. Life is sweet and sometimes very salty.

  2. JillT

    As the only commenter on this post, you are the winner of a bag of Pretzel M&Ms! Congratulations Erin!!! I will be bringing your prize to our gathering in December.

  3. mallory

    Omg! I love this blog it is so true in life! And my favorite memories with ioh is when we were all sitting there downloading pics and eating preztel m&ms!!!!

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