Run with Team IOH in the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon!

Spots are still available to run with Team Inheritance of Hope in the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon to be held October 31, 2010 in Washington DC…

This year is the 35th Anniversary of the marathon.

“The MCM will share the celebration of its 35th anniversary with the 2500th anniversary of the battle of Marathon. It is only natural that an event organized by military would celebrate the sport’s roots on the battlefield and the legendary run by Pheidippides from Marathon to the city of Athens. The flame from the city of Marathon will journey to the MCM start line and other special Greek-themed programs will occur throughout MCM Weekend. Details will be unveiled on the MCM website.”  …from the Marine Corps Marathon Newsletter, July 2010

In addition to the festivities hosted by the MCM, Team Inheritance of Hope will be hosting their own festivities.  A carbo loading, pasta dinner the night before the run will be served to the team members and their guests at a location overlooking the Potomac River.  Team IOH will also have a Tent in Charity Village, available to runners at the Start and Finish of the race.

The deadline to sign up with Team Inheritance of Hope for the MCM is August 11.  Let your friends know and let’s fill up all the 50 slots as we run to support families.

Last year’s inaugural Team Inheritance of Hope at the MCM