You are currently viewing Resurrection Christian School’s “Penny Wars” Raise $17,000!

Resurrection Christian School’s “Penny Wars” Raise $17,000!

Carol Lacert and Theresa Whyard-McKinley, whose families have both been impacted by terminal illness, love helping other families in similar situations enjoy Inheritance of Hope Legacy Retreats®.  They enthusiastically fundraise so that more families from Northern Colorado can have the Legacy Retreat® experience.  They recently joined forces with Resurrection Christian School in Loveland, Colorado, with great success.

The school’s Fifth Grade Leadership organized Penny Wars from February 27th – March 3rd.  This fundraising competition among the elementary grades used all donations to support Northern Colorado families through Inheritance of Hope.  Thanks to the leadership of the event, the support of the school, and some very generous givers, they raised $17,000 — enough to fully fund Legacy Retreats® for 3 families, plus a good start on a 4th!  Because of this funding, 2 Northern Colorado families will be part of the May 27-30 Legacy Retreat® in Orlando, helping to make it the largest Legacy Retreat® yet.

$17,000 is a lot of pennies!  It’s also a lot of legacies for families who need them most.  Many thanks, Resurrection Christian School and Fifth Grade Leadership!  Special thanks to Carol and Theresa as well as Sadie Whyard, Ellyott Siffring, Jonny Guay, Hannah Guay, and Josh Bloss.

To help more Northern Colorado families attend upcoming Legacy Retreats®, give at the gift registry page.

Here are pictures of the students in action.

Penny Wars for Inheritance of Hope!
Penny Wars for Inheritance of Hope!
Penny Wars for Inheritance of Hope!