Resources outside of IoH

Here are some resources we have found that are often helpful to IoH families. Please note that this list was compiled in the summer of 2021, and if you have others to add, we would love to hear from you! Send us your best resources at:

General cancer:

Legacy building:

Resources and help:

Financial advice:

General, comprehensive websites good for terminal illness: 

End Well:   

End With Care:

Canadian virtual hospice:


Camp Kesem:

Camp Erin:

A good blog featuring stories from people diagnosed with various cancers:

Clinical trials:

Talking to children about a parent’s terminal illness:


For planning:

Good for how to involve kids:

Basic good tips for kids and funerals:

Support for widowed spouses:

Modern Widows’ Club:

Modern Widowers’ Club: Offers various types of online support and a community who understands. 

Additional resources: