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Remembering Holley Kitchen

At Inheritance of Hope (IoH), we talk a lot about legacy.  We know firsthand that when faced with a life-threatening illness, nothing can be controlled, except for how we want to be remembered.  On the fourth annual Kendra Scott “Holley Day,” Holley Kitchen’s sisters share that today, she is still remembered as a spunky and fun-loving “momma bear” who loved her children with deep intent and purpose.  

Holley Day

The self-described mom on a mission was determined to educate people about metastatic breast cancer and support other “lifers.”  But beyond that, she reminded us all of the importance of living life to the fullest. Holley often said that she woke up every day with the goal of making a memory with her children that would last their whole lives, and because of those priorities, Holley’s legacy will continue forever.  Let’s repeat that: forever.  

Holley raised awareness, made memories, inspired others, and now other families are served on IoH Legacy RetreatsⓇ through funds raised on Holley Day.  None of that can be taken away, not even by cancer. 

Holley Day