Your Family Deserves a Community

Families like yours — across the U.S. — will connect with others in similar circumstances.
If your family is facing the loss of a parent while raising kids and needs a boost of hope, join us from the comfort of home.
Our next Hope@Home is February 4-6, 2022.
Applications are first-come, first-served. Apply early so your family doesn't miss out!


Young families facing ALS, cancer, or other life-threatening illness of a parent often feel alone. You’re not.

There’s an entire community that understands what you’re going through. And we’re here for you.

A Hope@Home™ weekend is a life-changing, hope-inspiring experience where your family can connect with other families who “get it.”

Where else can you and your kids (yes, even your resistant teen!) meet others the same age who are facing similar circumstances … and have a lot of fun together?!

And, there is no cost to participate.*

*Inheritance of Hope is a nonprofit dedicated to young families facing the loss of a parent. The 501(c)(3) charity was founded by Kristen and Deric Milligan after Kristen was diagnosed with liver cancer on her 30th birthday and they dealt with those challenges while raising three young children.

You are not alone

1 in 20 children will suffer the loss of a parent before age 16. Hope@Home™ weekends support them — and their parents — through this all-too-common challenge.


What did you like best
about your Hope@Home


"Inheritance of Hope provides expert love and care for families battling a parent's life-threatening illness."
Dr. Gary Chapman
Author of The Five Love Languages
"IoH was life-changing for our family and has left us with memories and an impact that will certainly be lifelong."
Melinda, mother of 4
Kidney and Thyroid Cancer
"We were given the red carpet treatment… We feel indebted to IoH in a lasting, permanent way."
Tejan, Father of 3
"I will never be able to express our appreciation and gratitude to this organization for their kindness and compassion to our family."
Jim, Father of 1
"I could never thank IoH enough for what they have done for me and my family."
Melinda, Mother of 1
Colon Cancer
"Inheritance of Hope has given me a positive impact on my life since my mom has passed away. … I really appreciate the week that they gave me and my family because I would not give it back for the world."
Taylor, Age 17
"IoH has changed our lives!"
Dawn, Mother of 4
"There’s no price tag… it’s priceless. Families are making memories that will last a lifetime."
Jon, Father of 3
Germ Cell Tumor
"We can't even find the right words to express the amount of gratitude in my heart. We feel like our hearts could burst."
Chandra, Mother of 1
Breast Cancer
"Inheritance of Hope is the hardest working non-profit I've ever worked with."
Brock, Father of 2
Business Partner
"What a life-changing experience for my family!"
Shawn, Mother of 2
Cholangiocarnomia-Bile Duct Cancer
"I just gave IoH a 5-star rating [online]. Too bad it only goes up to 5 stars because you guys deserve so many more!"
Seiji, Father of 2
"Being able to be around teens and kids that are experiencing what I and my family are experiencing was something indescribable."
Hannah, Age 17
"IoH is radically making a difference in families who are battling life-threatening illnesses."
Adam, Father of 4
"I truly wish there was enough words on this planet to express what this has done for me and my family."
Chrissy, Mother of 2
Don’t miss out!
Hope@Home™ weekend applications are first-come, first-served.

Apply now to make February 4-6 your family's best weekend of the year!