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June 26: Whitewater Adventure!

Our third day together was packed with fun. The big event was our much-anticipated whitewater rafting trip. Some of us were a little nervous about being at the mercy of the Sacandaga River, but we boarded our rafts in groups of eight and shoved off. Immediately we faced the Cliff Drop, which got our hearts racing! Then the pace slowed for a while, and some of the more adventurous among us jumped in for a cool swim. They had to climb back in, though, so that we could face the Dragon Back rapids and reach the finish line together. Even a light rain didn’t dampen the joy of our rafting experience!

Rafting was definitely not the only excitement today. In the kids’ session this morning, they experienced a cutting-edge stress and anger releasing technique. By the time everyone was finished, their many angers were broken to bits.

This evening provided an opportunity for parents to go on a date night while their kids enjoyed “Kids Night Out.” The kids and volunteers spent a few hours playing games, watching movies, and eating at the lodge’s water park grill. Many of them have formed wonderful friendships in their short time together, so time to play and eat on their own was a treat. This also allowed their parents to have time alone and share a date together, courtesy of Inheritance of Hope. It was a relaxing end to a fun-filled day.

“Inheritance of Hope is a newfound wealth of friendships and a legacy of one happy family.” — Laura

“I love it here and have made so many friends. I never want to go home.” — Cassidy, age 12

“This is like being on a cruise with an awesome kids camp.” — Kaitlyn, age 19

Next Update: Wrapping Up

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is our last day for this Legacy Retreat. Leaving will be hard, but we still have much to look forward to before then.

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