Inheritance of Hope Receives Generous Grant from Choate Bridges Foundation

We are thrilled to announce that Inheritance of Hope has received a generous grant from the Choate Bridges Foundation! This remarkable gift was made possible through the efforts and advocacy of Jen Hancock.
Our team had the opportunity to connect with Jen Hancock in Atlanta, where we were officially awarded the grant. The opportunity to meet in-person was an integral part of sharing our mission with Jen firsthand. We are grateful for her enthusiasm and desire to support young families affected by terminal illness.

Jen Hancock (center), pictured with IoH staff members in Atlanta, GA

The grant will provide essential resources, build community, and ensure ongoing support for those who need it most.
This partnership is rooted in a shared commitment to compassion and service. The Choate Bridges Foundation’s dedication to empowering non-profits aligns seamlessly with our mission to inspire hope and create lasting legacies.
Thank you Jen Hancock and the Choate Bridges Foundation for their incredible generosity and support. Together, we can reach more of the 7 million people in the US that are in young families facing the loss of a parent.

About Inheritance of Hope

Inheritance of Hope is dedicated to inspiring hope in young families facing the loss of a parent due to terminal illness. Through retreats, resources, and ongoing support, we aim to provide families with memorable experiences and lasting legacies of love and hope. To learn more about our mission and how you can get involved, visit