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Inheritance of Hope Announces New CEO

At Inheritance of Hope, we recently marked 14 years of serving families facing the loss of a parent.  Deric Milligan, who Co-Founded IoH with his late wife Kristen, has been at the helm the entire time. Now, with confidence, Deric will transition into a different role.  Please read his message below. 

As I was writing Inheritance of Hope’s business plan in 2006-2007, I envisioned a board, leadership team, and staff that would passionately collaborate to serve more families like my own – young families facing the loss of a parent. Today, we have an amazing Board of Directors that would make a Fortune 500 company proud, a brilliant leadership team, and the most dedicated staff in our sector. I’m grateful for our team of 17 staff members and hundreds of volunteers.

I’ve often shared my “climbing a mountain” metaphor with our team – always working upward to create new opportunities and offerings for our families in need and also remembering to look back to enjoy the heights we’ve reached. I believe I have taken IoH to a new altitude that would make Kristen proud. I am pleased that we have maintained our integrity as a Christian ministry, served families from 47 states, steadily grown our offerings, and attained financial stability.

With that said, I’m pleased to announce that Aaron Hedges will become Inheritance of Hope’s next CEO in September. He is a gifted leader who espouses all of the qualities necessary to continue the trajectory of Inheritance of Hope. Aaron’s character, academic credentials (MBA and MDiv), and institutional knowledge of our organization (he was the first staff member I hired in 2008!) uniquely position him to take our IoH family to new heights. It’s truly an exciting time in IoH’s history.

Rest assured, this transition will not end my commitment and passion for Inheritance of Hope. I will assume the role of Executive Chairman in September, leading the Board and remaining connected to this organization. 


Join us in expressing our gratitude to Deric, acknowledgement of a job well-done, and congratulations to Aaron.  As Deric said, we will continue to work upward while always looking back in appreciation for all that has been accomplished and provided, heights that were only reached because of all of you!  IoH is more than an organization–we are a family, and we have never been stronger! 

Deric A. Milligan
Co-Founder & CEO