I Got Your Back!

I got your back

Recently I saw this cartoon and it really made me laugh.  What a silly expression of a phrase that we use often for encouragement and strength for those we care about.

I remember (way back) in high school when I first heard this phrase and some tough guys were planning a fight.  One of the guys said to his buddy, “I got your back.”

Basically he was saying, “if you need me I’m right behind you”…”when things are going badly for you I will step in and be on your team”…”you’re not alone”…”I’m with you in this”.

I am thankful that the high-school-use of this phrase is no longer a part of my life.  However, I do feel like this phrase is a big part of my life now in much more meaningful and life-changing ways.

Inheritance of Hope wants to come alongside families with young children who have a parent facing a life-threatening illness and give them the message that they are not alone.

Legacy Retreats are meant to foster relationships with staff/volunteers and other families who know what it’s like to face a life-threatening illness head on. We express that “when things are going badly for you, we will step in and be on your team.”

You are not alone.

We got your back!