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As the 2nd Annual Gerry Moors Golf Outing is fast approaching – June 18th to be exact – I was looking through my notes from last year’s inaugural event.  I came across a note Maryalice had written me that gave insight into the heart of her father, Gerry.  It so impressed me to again see the tenaciousness, perseverance and generosity of her father…

I want to share the heart of Gerry Moors with you.  But first I want to invite you to join us at the 2nd Annual Gerry Moors Golf Outing on June 18 – 9:30 am for a continental breakfast and then golf at 10:00 am.  This will happen at the Winding Hills Golf Course in Montgomery, NY to benefit Inheritance of Hope.  The Moors have generously given of their time and effort to organize this event.  Last year’s event was attended by 47 golfers and was a wonderfully, enjoyable day.  Come out and enjoy fellowship with great people, win cool prizes and help support the mission of Inheritance of Hope – to serve young families with a parent diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

IOH Co-founder, Deric Milligan - his backswing a bit past parallel!

IOH Co-founder, Deric Milligan, at last year’s golf outing – great looking swing!

Last year I asked Maryalice to give me some background on how her family decided on doing a golf outing fundraiser … and how they chose Inheritance of Hope to be the benefactor.
I’ll try to give you a little history about how we arrived at this point …
My father has undergone a few health challenges over his lifetime beginning with a plane crash when he was 34. Gerry fought through his injuries and despite his doctor’s pessimism, did walk again. His life recovering was one filled with daily pain and multiple operations. His next 30 yrs were full.   He retired from 3 different careers.  He graduated with several degrees.  Even pursued Veterinary school but his attempt ended early as his family was very unhappy and lonely.  He built and rebuilt 4 of his own homes and helped family and friends with theirs.  Always with the motto “better you should owe me then do me out”.
His last couple of years have proven how strong he really is. He suffered from angina while hunting which lead him to stents in his heart, developed an abdominal aneurysm requiring an operation to repair it and in September 2009 was diagnosed with what could be his biggest challenge of all, Mesothelioma Lung cancer.  Through the winter he underwent several rounds of chemotherapy, rendering him a shell of himself.  Upon completion of the treatments and the power of a trillion prayers, his last PET scan showed a reduction of his tumor and as we phrase it to the grandchildren “Grandpa’s cancer is sleeping”.
In keeping with his motto he would like to give back to people that give so much, hence our Golf Outing. We have a very dear friend, Lucia Rein who has first hand experience with Inheritance of hope. My father and Lucia share a special bond, knowing what you have done for her and her family, we would like to help you, IOH, in your journey to give hope and to heal. Thank you for allowing us to take part in your unique quest! We’re not sure how much money will be generated but we hope that your ripple effect – as it has inspired us – will inspire others.  Our hearts and doors are open for whomever would honor us by joining in the festivities of the day.   ~Maryalice
Join the gang!

Join the gang!

The Moors will be at the outing as well as Lucia Rein.  I can’t overstate how great the day is going to be.  Believe me, you will want to hang out with these people – you may not want to go home!  If you would like additional information, contact Lisa Duscio at  You can register by clicking this LINK.

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  1. Kathy Cramer

    I just want to say how privelaged I am to be a part of the Moors’ and Rein’s family of friends… I love you all very much and I am humbled by your courage and your strength! Kathy C. 🙂

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